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Lord Zedds Reviews

ROBOT JOX (1990)

Directed By:
Stuart Gordon

Gary Graham, Anne-Marie Johnson, Paul Koslo, Michael Alldredge and Jeffrey Combs

Rated PG
Genre: Sci-Fi
Format Used: Blockbuster DVD
Contains: Mild Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Partial Nudity
Also Known As:


After the third world war has left the world a wasteland, the United Nations has finally put an end the terror that is war. Now in a distant future when two countries have a disagreement that use to only could be solved through armed conflicted it is settled through giant robot combat. Death is not needed to win but it can happen. So instead of thousands of people fighting and dying, only two lives are at stake.

But one Communist country whose name will remain nameless wants to win at all costs and got a traitor within the ranks of the American team. Which may cost lives in this new peaceful Earth.


Now I've always been a fan of Full Moon's puppet work. But I have to say that Robot Jox is one of there better projects. Yes, you heard me. The story works wonderful, the atmosphere really works and the actors do a first rate job. Gary Graham who really makes his mark on TV in shows like ALIEN NATION THE SERIES and STAR TREK ENTERPRISE shows that he can be an action star who kicks ass and takes name. The stop motion effects could have been a tiny bit better. The color was wrong, they look plastic to me instead of the metal they were suppose to be. But that is a minor complaint compared to the whole that is the Robot Jox, if you like Gary Graham or other Full Moon movies, then you will like this movie. 9 STARS OUT OF 10.



Terror of war gone forever? That is a nice dream and a dream that is doable without having to nuke ourselves almost to hell to do it. No matter what the nay sayers say about the physics of giant robots they have to be wrong. They argument about the shuttles robot arm not able to move in an gravity atmosphere is just a cop out. Have you seen the robot arm? It's not an arm, it's a twig with fingers. What they need is thicker limbs, more complicated hydrolic system and a new super space age metal that super titanium or something. Thinking about ways to do it is the first way to do it, can't never did anything and the word impossible should be an alien word to the true scientist. Anyway, great performances, great movie. 9 STARS.



+ STORY (The story works.)
+ ATMOSPHERE (You feel like you can climb in and explore this futuristic world.)
+ CAST (The cast does a great job.)
+ EFFECTS (The stop motion is effective.)



- MATTING (There is some issue on the robot paint, it made it look plastic.)